Making unique Zola wallets since 2013. One of our most cherished wallets. They are all numbered because in their making many different leathers are used. Most of the materials we may never find again. Their random interior combination makes them all unique, in our eyes.

Like other models, Zola has been through changes, and the development of the model seems to have no end. Periodically we discover with the help of our clients, different details to upgrade.

Zola exists because our clients asked for a big wallet, and so we made it. We baptized it after a French writer we both love.

Zola’s individualized interior is made from leather that comes from scraps of bigger bags, and of small pieces of leather coming from big factories in the North of Portugal.

Some pieces are so special that we save them waiting for a special leather to match or a specific client who truly enjoys different materials.

And we love matching what goes inside each wallet!

But It’s also hard work because we must select the best parts before cutting. And we need to be thorough here.
Then we keep the pieces organized in colors and textures like in a library, each one in its place ready to use when we need to assemble a new Zola.

The covers are specially chosen because they are bigger pieces that must endure the elements and people’s hands on use. It’s also a different selection and we have different expectations about these leathers. The covers are kept on another shelf of our “library” and are also organized in colors.

And so when all these processes come together through the maker’s hands and spirit, we have as a result a unique Zola wallet ready to find its new owner.