Say Hello to our Assembled Karbonato backpack nº03!
Yellow, Green, Brown and Beige.

With this stylish and comfortable Karbonato you can carry all your essential items for a long working day in an urban context.

See HERE the new arrival!

Our Bags and Backpacks can be made entirely of the same leather, or combining different patterns and colored leathers.

Karbonato 03 is a rare find of Yellow, Green, Brown and Beige high quality leathers. Their thickness and consistency are similar, allowing to made a solid backpack in a harmonious color pallete. As makers we insist on making it with a good reinforcement, and a practical inner life, i.e an interior that makes objects accessible and easy to see. We also put a special eye on the leather handles, that are built in a robust way, and have comfort accessories that are optional to use.

Our variety and uniqueness comes from our main selection and of a carefully made combination of the model’s needs and the most adequate leather for it. In the workshop we take the time to be sure that all leathers will find a destination or a purpose.

The Golden engraving, the Assemblage of colors, and the Inner Life of our bags are symbols of a new period for Pickpocket. We can recycle more. And It gives us the possibility to create rare combinations that otherwise would not be possible.

Our main believe is that is pointless to produce more prime matter, when there is already so much that’s not being used!

Through a small network of human relations Pickpocket®️ is happy to create a small Local Sustainable Chain of Working Value.