9 years after – Allium bag nº36

We have been recently visited by one of our first Allium model, that came in for maintenance.

It’s always with a nostalgic look that we  observe and work again in a piece that was made in a different time and with a different knowledge.

Debbie is a wonderful woman, a stage designer, and a mother with a very busy life who needs to carry many things during a working day.

Our dear friend  has been using this bag for the last 9 years and it’s been wore in different weather conditions, enduring dry weather, humid temperatures and all the harsh so characteristic of the Portuguese coast.

We decided to make a special hydration with oil and cream on the leather. Replaced the handles, added a crossbody strap, and reinforced the bottom adding new metallic pieces.  A real make over! 

We loved the look on her face when she received the Allium back!